Sleep Safe
Retailer Program
SLEEPSAFE Mattress & Pillow Protectors are known for their exceptional quality and ability to protect a mattress from accidental fluid spills and dust mites. Allow our dedicated dealer representatives to help increase your sales in mattress protection, which has quickly become the fastest growing product segment for furniture and mattress retailers.
 Stain Protection
Just one fluid accident can permanently stain a mattress, and also void its manufacture warranty. Most mattress brands, as mentioned in their warranty card, will dishonor a claim if a stain is present even if the stain had nothing to do with the issue. SLEEPSAFE protectors offer protection against stains keeping the mattress clean while at the same time offering peace with a three year warranty.
 Fluid Protection
Fluid spills, perspiration and bed wetting can quickly transform an unprotected mattress into an unsanitary environment. SLEEPSAFE protectors make perfect sense for the majority of who perspire while sleeping, eat in bed or who have small children, pets or incontinence issues.
 Dust Mites
Dust mites live off our dead skin cells and can adversely impact the health of those with asthma or allergies. SLEEPSAFE protectors prevent dust mites from penetrating into the mattress and can be easily machine laundered keeping the mattress cleaner and more free of dust mites.
 Bed Bugs
Bed bug protection is available on bed bug proof mattress and box spring encasements. Bed bugs are becoming a major concern resulting in the disposal of thousands of perfectly good mattresses. Our advanced encasements lead the industry in quality and features making them the best solution for preventing and treating bed bug infested mattresses.
 Increased Sales
As mentioned above, everyone who purchases a new mattress or for their existing mattresses & pillows should purchase a protector or encasement as this safeguards the mattresses warranty while improving the user’s health. Our protectors are easy to sell and are a great way to increase the total ticket of each mattress sale. Our trained representatives have the knowledge and expertise to assist in training your sales force to explain the full benefits of our products.
 Ease Ordering Over The Phone and Online (shortly)
We have a friendly team of customer service representatives to serve and process your orders. Our mission is to fully support our valued dealers so that your success is our success.

We are working on creating a desktop & mobile app enabling you to quickly order online the products needed for your stores. Order will be easily tracked and managed with our proposed online software.
 Fast Turnaround Time
Most orders are shipped within 24-48 hours of receipt reducing lead time and inventory requirements for our products. This allows our dealers to only stock what they need as new stock is readily available and can be quickly replenished. We have the ability to ship to individual stores of multi-store retailers or into distribution warehouses if needed.
 Point Of Sale Materials
We have a full line of point of sale material available to assist our dealers including brochures, samples, videos and display stands. This can greatly assist your sales force while presenting our products resulting in higher sales and better presentation. We can even develop custom marketing materials for larger dealers utilizing our marketing and design department.
 Quality Assurance
Our most important promise to our dealers is quality. Every Sleepsafe product is inspected thoroughly to ensure it meets our strict quality standards. Sleepsafeis proud to lead the industry in quality by selecting only the best components available ensuring greater longevity and more satisfied customers. Our quality reduces issues and warranty exchanges that retailers often face with inferior products.

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