Warranty Information
SLEEPSAFE warrants to the owner of each protection product that if the laminate or fabric becomes damaged within a period of 1 year from the date of purchase as a result of normal household use, SLEEPSAFE will replace the protector provided the following care instructions have been followed.

1. Machine wash and dry the Protector as quickly as possible after spillage, preferably while still fresh, according to our wash and care instructions. The item should be tumble-dried using low heat and bleach should never be used. Product failure due to not following the washing instructions may lead to product failure, which is not covered by our warranty.

2. To register a claim, please telephone our help line at +91 44 2532 4496 within 3 days of the incident.

3. The product must be returned to us for inspection and validation of your claim.


5. Purchase receipt must be retained and presented to validate warranty.

THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER OR APPLY TO: (i) mattress protectors that have been neglected, mishandled or abused: (ii) stains or other damage caused by nail polish, inks cosmetics, bleach, non-food related grease, corrosives, chemicals, alcohol or dyes: (iii) stains or other damage occurring prior to or during delivery or while the mattress is in or being moved into or out of storage or being moved between residences: (iv) stains or damage caused by, or the result of mold or mildew: (v) damage caused by animal beaks, teeth or claws: (vi) stains or other damage caused by or related to fire (including water damage), smoke, flood or other natural disaster, theft or vandalism, or any other loss that is covered under an insurance policy: or (vii) stains or other damage caused by structural problems or appliance malfunctions such as, but not limited to, leaks from the air conditioners, or water pipes.

Our products are designed to keep the sleep surfaces free from stains and should easily wash out when was care instructions are followed. They will withstand the repeated washing and low heat tumble-drying and will provide lasting protection.

This warranty replaces all other warranties express or implied and no one is authorized to assume or undertake of SLEEEPSAFE any other liability in connection with the sale of this product.

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